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Statewise District of Nepal

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State No. 1
1. Taplejung
2. Panchthar
3. Ilam
4. Sankhuwasabha
5. Tehrathum
6. Dhankuta
7. Bhojpur
8. Khotang
9. Solukhumbu
10. Okhaldhunga
11. Udayapur
12. Jhapa
13. Morang
14. Sunsari

State No. 2
1. Saptari
2. Siraha
3. Dhanusa
4. Mahottari
5. Sarlahi
6. Rautahat
7. Bara
8. Parsa

State No. 3
1. Dolakha
2. Ramechhap
3. Sindhuli
4. Kavrepalanchok
5. Sindhupalchok
6. Rasuwa
7. Nuwakot
8. Dhading
9. Chitwan
10. Makawanpur
11. Bhaktapur
12. Lalitpur
13. Kathmandu

State No. 4
1. Gorkha
2. Lamjung
3. Tanahun
4. Kaski
5. Manang
6. Mustang
7. Parbat
8. Syangja
9. Myagdi
10. Baglung
11. Nawalparasi (East of Bardaghat Susta)

State No. 5
1. Nawalparasi (West of Bardaghat Susta)
2. Rupandehi
3. Kapilbastu
4. Palpa
5. Arghakhanchi
6. Gulmi
7. Rukum (Eastern Part)
8. Rolpa
9. Pyuthan
10. Dang
11. Banke
12. Bardiya

State No. 6
1. Rukum (Western Part)
2. Salyan
3. Dolpa
4. Jumla
5. Mugu
6. Humla
7. Kalikot
8. Jajarkot
9. Dailekh
10. Surkhet

State No. 7
1. Bajura
2. Bajhang
3. Doti
4. Achham
5. Darchula
6. Baitadi
7. Dadeldhura
8. Kanchanpur
9. Kailali

Computer Operator Question Answer (Computer Fundamental - Objective 100 Questions with Answers)

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 कम्प्यूटर अपरेटरको प्रश्न तथा उत्तरहरु

1.   In which generation transistor is used?

      a] 1st                                              b] 2nd        

c]   3rd                                            d] 4th


2.   Which device cannot be shared in network?

      a] Floppy                                       b] Keyboard

      c] Computer                                   d] Printer


3.   Which port does not exist in computer?

      a] USB                                           b] Parallel

      c] COM1 / COM2                          d] None of above


4.   1 nibble contains ………….. bit.

      a] 8 bits                                          b] 3 bits

      c] 1 byte                                        d] 4 bits


5.   Which device will process data?

      a] RAM                                          b] CUP

      c] Hard disk                                   d] All of the above


6.   Data store in….

      a] Floppy                                       b] Hard disk

      c] Tape                                          d] All of the above


7.   One nanosecond means

      a] 10–6 seconds                              b] 10–9 seconds

      c] 10–12 seconds                             d] 10–15 seconds



8.   The decimal equivalent of binary (1011) is …………

      a] 13                                              b] 10

      c] 11                                              d] 14


9.   The scanner is the ……….. device of computer system

      a] input                                          b] output

      c] input output                               d] processing


10. Pentium means the ……….. of computer

      a] ALU                                          b] Microprocessor

      c] Monitor                                      d] Memory



11. What is the name of given to the first generation of computer language?

      a] Binary language                         b] Machine language

      c] Primary language                       d] Natural language


12. Compiler and interpreter are themselves………

      a] Hardware                                   b] Program

      c] Virus                                          d] None of the above


13. Which of the following is mass storage device?

      a] CDROM                                    b] Hard disk

      c] Tape                                          d] All of the above


14. A single byte consists of …………

      a] 4 bits                                          b] 16 bits

      c] 8 bits                                          d] 7 bits


15. The main basic block of a computer system consist of ………

      a] Input, output, CUP and memory

      b] Input, output, storage and user

      c] RAM, ROM, Floppy and UPS

      d] RAM, hard disk, keyboard and monitors


16. According to the working principle computer is divided as …………..

      a] Analog computer                       b] Digital computer

      c] Hybrid computer                       d] All of the above


17. What is modem?

      a] Analog and digital converter

      b] Modulator and demodulator

      c] Telephone switching

      d] None of the above


18. 1MB corresponds to …….

      a] 1024 bytes                                 b] 1024 terabytes

      c] 1020 kilobytes                           d] 1024 gigabytes


19. 1GB corresponds to ………

      a] 1024 MB                                   b] 1024 byte

      c] 1020 TB                                    d] 1024 GB


20. There are …………. types of language processor.

      a] 1                                                b] 2

      c] 3                                                d] 4


21. Which of the following is an input device?

      a] VDU                                          b] Joystick

      c] Plotter                                        d] Printer


22. A translator used in low level language is ………

      a] Compiler                                    b] Interpreter

      c] Assembler                                  d] All of the above


23. Which of the following is not an output device?

      a] Speaker                                      b] Monitor

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Plotter


24. Which of the following is soft copy output device?

      a] Speaker                                      b] Monitor

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Plotter


25. 1KB …………. bytes

      a] 1024                                          b] 1000

      c] 1024×1024                                d] All of the above


26. Before booting the computer, the system files reside on …..

      a] RAM                                          b] ROM

      c] Hard disk                                   d] Floppy


27. The processing elements of fifth generation of computer is ……….

      a] AI                                              b] Organic chip

      c] Duo core                                    d] Micro Processor


28. The printing quality measures in resolution and resolution measures in ……

      a] DPI                                            b] PPM

      c] Pixel                                          d] RPI


29. MO disk is ….

      a] Optical Disk                               b] Magnetic Disk

      c] Semiconductor Disk                  d] Based on optical and magnetic technology


30. The output quality of the ………. is better than other.

      a] CRT monitor                              b] LCD monitor

      c] Laptop monitor                          d] None of the above


31. The ……….. translates the source code into machine code

      a] Translator                                  b] Assembler

      c] Compiler                                    d] Interpreter


32. Which number system uses the both number and character to represent number?

      a] Binary                                        b] Octal

      c] Decimal                                     d] Hexadecimal


33. The device used in geographical mapping is

      a] Bar code                                    b] Plotter

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Scanner


34. The size of the first floppy disk was

      a] 9 inch                                        b] 8 inch

      c] 5.25 inch                                   d] 3.5 inch


35. Monitor is

      a] VDU                                          b] TV

      c] VUD                                          d] None of the above


36. DDR stands for ………

      a] Double data rate                        b] Double density rate

      c] Density data rate                        d] All of the above


37. Which is the function of ROMBIOS?

      a] POST operation                         b] Boot startup operation

      c] Bootstrap loading                       d] Both a and b


38. An input device used in bank is ……..

      a] POS                                           b] MICR

      c] OMR                                          d] OCR


39. The number of sector per track in high density floppy disk is ….

      a] 9                                                b] 15

      c] 18                                              d] 36


40. The signal computer used in most of the output device is ….

      a] Decoders                                   b] Modems

      c] Gates                                         d] Multiplexer


41. The name of the chip will be applied for dynamic and high power computing based on very latest technology.

      a] Microprocessor                          b] Biochip

      c] Robot Chip                                d] Ultra chip


42. The full form of PDA is

      a] Personal Digital Assistant           b] Personal Diary Assistant

      c] Personal Data Assistant              d] Professional Data Assistant


43. The quality of printer depends upon

      a] Technology                                b] Price

      c] Resolution                                 d] All of the above


44. Large data bus width causes

      a] Transmit data faster                   b] Faster computing

      c] Slow execution                          d] All of the above


45. Which is the following is the universal gate …… ?

      a] AND gate                                   b] OR gate

      c] NAND gate                                d] NOT gate


46. The writing method in CDROM is called

      a] Copying                                     b] Burning

      c] Embedding                                d] None of the above


47. The system date is in ………. data format.

      a] ANSI                                         b] British

      c] American                                   d] International


48. Which of the following term is not closely related to auxiliary memory?

      a] Non volatile                               b] Permanent

      c] Both a and b                              d] Temporary


49. Which of the following is not a type of ROM?

      a] PROM                                        b] Flash memory

      c] EPROM                                     d] Virtual memory


50. Which is considered as the direct entry input device?

      a] Optical scanner                          b] Mouse and digitizer

      c] Light pen                                   d] All of the above


51. Which is not a characteristic of computer?

      a] Speed                                         b] Accuracy

      c] Diligent                                      d] Understanding


52. Intelligent PROM stands for ………

      a] Programming Read Only Memory  

      b] Programmable Read Only Memory

      c] Package Read Only Memory

      d] Programmable Read On Memory

53. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?

      a] CDROM                                    b] RAM

      c] Hard Disk                                  d] Tape


54. In computer all calculations performed are made in ….. unit.

      a] Control unit                               b] Memory

      c] Arithmetic and Logical unit       d] Register


55.                                                       Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?

      a] Cache memory                          b] Register

      c] Auxiliary RAM                          d] External Hard Disk


56. Which is not system software?

      a] Windows OS                              b] Translator

      c] Emulator                                    d] Excel


57. Which of the following is the acronym for electronic delay storage automatic calculator?

      a] UNIVAC                                   b] EDSAC

      c] EDVAC                                     d] Abacus


58. Which one is the slowest access memory among the following?

      a] Disk                                           b] RAM

      c] Cache memory                          d] Register


59. The speed of laser printer is measured in …….

      a] LPM                                           b] CPS

      c] DPS                                           d] PPM


60. MVS stands for

      a] Many very large system             b] Multi value system

      c] Multiple virtual storage              d] None of the above


61. Hard disk is coated with ………

      a] Magnetic metallic oxide             b] Optical metallic oxide

      c] Carbon layer                              d] All of the above


62. Program designed to perform specific user task is known as …..

      a] System software                        b] Application software

      c] Utility software                          d] Operating system


63. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into machine language is called a/an

      a] Interpreter                                  b] CPU

      c] Compiler                                    d] Simulator

64. A device that operates under the control of another device is called ………..

      a] Stem                                          b] Slave

      c] Simulator                                   d] Emulator


65. Daisy wheel printer is a type of

      a] Matrix Printer                             b] Impact Printer

      c] Laser Printer                              d] Manual Printer


66. Computer is an ……….. machine

      a] Electrician                                  b] Mechanical

      c] Engineering                                d] Electronic


67. The process of starting or restarting a computer system by loading system files from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called

      a] Paging                                        b] Booting

      c] Swapping                                   d] Loading


68.  Which is not system software?

      a] Microsoft Word                         b] Microsoft Windows

      c] Device driver                             d] Hard disk recovers utility


69. If your computer reports that a file has a size of one kilobyte, then how much space is using?

      a] 8 bytes                                       b] 1024 bytes

      c] 1048576 bytes                           d] All of the above


70. Which of these is a pointing device?

      a] Laser printer                              b] Touch pad

      c] Keyboard                                   d] Decimal point


71. Which is the magnetic storage device?

      a] CD                                             b] DVD

      c] Pen drive                                   d] None of the above


72. Which is not a input device?

      a] Touch screen                             b] Mouse

      c] Screen                                        d] MIDI


73. Which of the following is not a microcomputer?

      a] Desktop                                     b] Laptop

      c] Mainframe                                 d] Hand held PC


74. A personal computer is a ……….

      a] Micro computer                         b] Terminal

      c] Personal digital assistant            d] Mainframe

75. Which component are you unlikely to find as part of a Motherboard?

      a] ROM                                          b] CPU

      c] CMOS Memory                         d] CD-ROM


76. A computer must be capable of doing all of these things except….

      a] Electrolyze data                         b] Output data

      c] Process data                               d] Store data


77. You could measure a microprocessor's clock speed of recent computer in …..

      a] Computer procedure unit           b] Hertz

      c] Bits per second                          d] Gigahertz


78. High data accuracy produced by ……. computer

      a] Analog                                       b] Digital

      c] Hybrid                                       d] None of the above


79. Which one of the following is the oldest storage device?

      a] Paper tape                                  b] Magnetic tape

      c] Magnetic disk                            d] Magnetic core


80. The communication port is used for ……..

      a] Mouse connection                     b] Printer connection

      c] Modem connection                    d] Monitor connection


81. Modem is connected with……

      a] Parallel port                               b] Serial port

      c] USB                                           d] Com port


82. Which of the following is the low level language?

      a] Assembly                                   b] Machine

      c] Both a and b                              d] Natural language


83. Which one is removable disk?

      a] Zip disk                                     b] Pen drive

      c] Floppy disk                                d] All of the above


84. The capacity of compact disk is …….

      a] 100KB                                       b] 250MB

      c] 700 MB                                     d] 2000MB


85. Which is not hardware?              

      a] Keyboard                                   b] Mouse

      c] Printer                                        d] CD


86. The content of which ROM can be erased by supplying electric charge?

      a] PROM                                        b] EPROM

      c] EEPROM                                   d] EAPROM


87. The ABACUS was originated from ……

      a] China                                         b] Korea

      c] Japan                                         d] USA


88. SMPS stands for ………

      a] Switching mode power supply   b] Switch mode power supply

      c] System mode power station       d] None of the above


89. Antivirus program falls on ………… category

      a] System software                        b] Application software

      c] Utility software                          d] All of the above


90. Which is not a basic type of computer?

      a] Super computer                         b] Digital computer

      c] Analog                                       d] Hybrid


91. Linkage between the CPU and users is called …….

      a] Software                                    b] Hardware

      c] Peripheral                                  d] Storage


92. The DVD is a/an …….. Disk.

      a] Magnetic                                    b] Semiconductor

      c] Magneto optical                         d] Optical


93. Which is not direct entry input device?

      a] Keyboard                                   b] Scanner

      c] Barcode reader                          d] OMR


94. The mnemonic code was used in ………..

      a] 1GL                                           b] 2GL

      c] 3GL                                           d] 4GL


95. Which will product high graphic quality print out?

      a] Laser                                          b] Plotter

      c] Dot matrix                                 d] Inkjet


96. How many types of different devices that supported by USB port?

      a] 40                                              b] 65

      c] 100                                            d] 127


97. Which one is the component of computer system?

      a] Hardware                                   b] Software

      c] Human ware                              d] All of the above


98. What is the name for parallel communication pathway that connects different hardware components physically into computer system?

      a] Cable                                         b] Line

      c] Bus                                            d] Peripheral


99. Which electronic component was concerned for emerging the third generation computer?

      a] Vacuum tubes                            b] IC

      c] Transistors                                 d] VLSI


100. Which of the following two computers have the same architecture?

      a] IBM and Macintosh                   b] IBM Compatible and apple

      c] IBM and Apple/Macintosh         d] IBM and IBM Compatible


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