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1.1 Definition of Computer

Computer is an electronic device which is capable of performing various operations such as arithmetic and logical operation. It process the given input data and gives out processed data. It can accept millions of instructions and can perform operation with accuracy. Basically, it perform three major operation, take input, process and gives output. 

The term data is to define machine readable information from textual human readable information. A data can be a word, a character, any numeric value, audio or video. A data can be of various types such as integers, floating point numbers, characters, strings and arrays.
Program is an organized list of instructions that when executed caused  the computer to execute or give out desired output. A program consist of various types of values and instructions, which is intended for specific purposes for example 'C'.

Information is a part of data that has been processed in a meaningful manner that can be easily understand who received it. The information is a part of message which has different meaning in different context.

Software is a collection of small program that is used for specific purposes. Software can be as small as few kilobyte to large as few megabytes.
Software can be classified into two types:-
i] System Software:- Operating system such as Windows, Android.
ii] Application Software:- Antivirus, Microsoft Office Package etc.

Hardware can be defined as physical devices of computer system which can be input as well as output devices. Example:- Keyboard, mouse, monitor etc.

A firmware is a small program that is embed in a chip of any device. A firmware is used to show properties or other information of the system. Example:- BIOS Software