Computer Operator Question Answer (Computer Fundamental - Objective 100 Questions with Answers)

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 कम्प्यूटर अपरेटरको प्रश्न तथा उत्तरहरु

1.   In which generation transistor is used?

      a] 1st                                              b] 2nd        

c]   3rd                                            d] 4th


2.   Which device cannot be shared in network?

      a] Floppy                                       b] Keyboard

      c] Computer                                   d] Printer


3.   Which port does not exist in computer?

      a] USB                                           b] Parallel

      c] COM1 / COM2                          d] None of above


4.   1 nibble contains ………….. bit.

      a] 8 bits                                          b] 3 bits

      c] 1 byte                                        d] 4 bits


5.   Which device will process data?

      a] RAM                                          b] CUP

      c] Hard disk                                   d] All of the above


6.   Data store in….

      a] Floppy                                       b] Hard disk

      c] Tape                                          d] All of the above


7.   One nanosecond means

      a] 10–6 seconds                              b] 10–9 seconds

      c] 10–12 seconds                             d] 10–15 seconds



8.   The decimal equivalent of binary (1011) is …………

      a] 13                                              b] 10

      c] 11                                              d] 14


9.   The scanner is the ……….. device of computer system

      a] input                                          b] output

      c] input output                               d] processing


10. Pentium means the ……….. of computer

      a] ALU                                          b] Microprocessor

      c] Monitor                                      d] Memory



11. What is the name of given to the first generation of computer language?

      a] Binary language                         b] Machine language

      c] Primary language                       d] Natural language


12. Compiler and interpreter are themselves………

      a] Hardware                                   b] Program

      c] Virus                                          d] None of the above


13. Which of the following is mass storage device?

      a] CDROM                                    b] Hard disk

      c] Tape                                          d] All of the above


14. A single byte consists of …………

      a] 4 bits                                          b] 16 bits

      c] 8 bits                                          d] 7 bits


15. The main basic block of a computer system consist of ………

      a] Input, output, CUP and memory

      b] Input, output, storage and user

      c] RAM, ROM, Floppy and UPS

      d] RAM, hard disk, keyboard and monitors


16. According to the working principle computer is divided as …………..

      a] Analog computer                       b] Digital computer

      c] Hybrid computer                       d] All of the above


17. What is modem?

      a] Analog and digital converter

      b] Modulator and demodulator

      c] Telephone switching

      d] None of the above


18. 1MB corresponds to …….

      a] 1024 bytes                                 b] 1024 terabytes

      c] 1020 kilobytes                           d] 1024 gigabytes


19. 1GB corresponds to ………

      a] 1024 MB                                   b] 1024 byte

      c] 1020 TB                                    d] 1024 GB


20. There are …………. types of language processor.

      a] 1                                                b] 2

      c] 3                                                d] 4


21. Which of the following is an input device?

      a] VDU                                          b] Joystick

      c] Plotter                                        d] Printer


22. A translator used in low level language is ………

      a] Compiler                                    b] Interpreter

      c] Assembler                                  d] All of the above


23. Which of the following is not an output device?

      a] Speaker                                      b] Monitor

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Plotter


24. Which of the following is soft copy output device?

      a] Speaker                                      b] Monitor

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Plotter


25. 1KB …………. bytes

      a] 1024                                          b] 1000

      c] 1024×1024                                d] All of the above


26. Before booting the computer, the system files reside on …..

      a] RAM                                          b] ROM

      c] Hard disk                                   d] Floppy


27. The processing elements of fifth generation of computer is ……….

      a] AI                                              b] Organic chip

      c] Duo core                                    d] Micro Processor


28. The printing quality measures in resolution and resolution measures in ……

      a] DPI                                            b] PPM

      c] Pixel                                          d] RPI


29. MO disk is ….

      a] Optical Disk                               b] Magnetic Disk

      c] Semiconductor Disk                  d] Based on optical and magnetic technology


30. The output quality of the ………. is better than other.

      a] CRT monitor                              b] LCD monitor

      c] Laptop monitor                          d] None of the above


31. The ……….. translates the source code into machine code

      a] Translator                                  b] Assembler

      c] Compiler                                    d] Interpreter


32. Which number system uses the both number and character to represent number?

      a] Binary                                        b] Octal

      c] Decimal                                     d] Hexadecimal


33. The device used in geographical mapping is

      a] Bar code                                    b] Plotter

      c] Digitizer                                     d] Scanner


34. The size of the first floppy disk was

      a] 9 inch                                        b] 8 inch

      c] 5.25 inch                                   d] 3.5 inch


35. Monitor is

      a] VDU                                          b] TV

      c] VUD                                          d] None of the above


36. DDR stands for ………

      a] Double data rate                        b] Double density rate

      c] Density data rate                        d] All of the above


37. Which is the function of ROMBIOS?

      a] POST operation                         b] Boot startup operation

      c] Bootstrap loading                       d] Both a and b


38. An input device used in bank is ……..

      a] POS                                           b] MICR

      c] OMR                                          d] OCR


39. The number of sector per track in high density floppy disk is ….

      a] 9                                                b] 15

      c] 18                                              d] 36


40. The signal computer used in most of the output device is ….

      a] Decoders                                   b] Modems

      c] Gates                                         d] Multiplexer


41. The name of the chip will be applied for dynamic and high power computing based on very latest technology.

      a] Microprocessor                          b] Biochip

      c] Robot Chip                                d] Ultra chip


42. The full form of PDA is

      a] Personal Digital Assistant           b] Personal Diary Assistant

      c] Personal Data Assistant              d] Professional Data Assistant


43. The quality of printer depends upon

      a] Technology                                b] Price

      c] Resolution                                 d] All of the above


44. Large data bus width causes

      a] Transmit data faster                   b] Faster computing

      c] Slow execution                          d] All of the above


45. Which is the following is the universal gate …… ?

      a] AND gate                                   b] OR gate

      c] NAND gate                                d] NOT gate


46. The writing method in CDROM is called

      a] Copying                                     b] Burning

      c] Embedding                                d] None of the above


47. The system date is in ………. data format.

      a] ANSI                                         b] British

      c] American                                   d] International


48. Which of the following term is not closely related to auxiliary memory?

      a] Non volatile                               b] Permanent

      c] Both a and b                              d] Temporary


49. Which of the following is not a type of ROM?

      a] PROM                                        b] Flash memory

      c] EPROM                                     d] Virtual memory


50. Which is considered as the direct entry input device?

      a] Optical scanner                          b] Mouse and digitizer

      c] Light pen                                   d] All of the above


51. Which is not a characteristic of computer?

      a] Speed                                         b] Accuracy

      c] Diligent                                      d] Understanding


52. Intelligent PROM stands for ………

      a] Programming Read Only Memory  

      b] Programmable Read Only Memory

      c] Package Read Only Memory

      d] Programmable Read On Memory

53. Which of the following is not a mass storage device?

      a] CDROM                                    b] RAM

      c] Hard Disk                                  d] Tape


54. In computer all calculations performed are made in ….. unit.

      a] Control unit                               b] Memory

      c] Arithmetic and Logical unit       d] Register


55.                                                       Which of the following memory has the shortest access time?

      a] Cache memory                          b] Register

      c] Auxiliary RAM                          d] External Hard Disk


56. Which is not system software?

      a] Windows OS                              b] Translator

      c] Emulator                                    d] Excel


57. Which of the following is the acronym for electronic delay storage automatic calculator?

      a] UNIVAC                                   b] EDSAC

      c] EDVAC                                     d] Abacus


58. Which one is the slowest access memory among the following?

      a] Disk                                           b] RAM

      c] Cache memory                          d] Register


59. The speed of laser printer is measured in …….

      a] LPM                                           b] CPS

      c] DPS                                           d] PPM


60. MVS stands for

      a] Many very large system             b] Multi value system

      c] Multiple virtual storage              d] None of the above


61. Hard disk is coated with ………

      a] Magnetic metallic oxide             b] Optical metallic oxide

      c] Carbon layer                              d] All of the above


62. Program designed to perform specific user task is known as …..

      a] System software                        b] Application software

      c] Utility software                          d] Operating system


63. A computer program that translates one program instructions at a time into machine language is called a/an

      a] Interpreter                                  b] CPU

      c] Compiler                                    d] Simulator

64. A device that operates under the control of another device is called ………..

      a] Stem                                          b] Slave

      c] Simulator                                   d] Emulator


65. Daisy wheel printer is a type of

      a] Matrix Printer                             b] Impact Printer

      c] Laser Printer                              d] Manual Printer


66. Computer is an ……….. machine

      a] Electrician                                  b] Mechanical

      c] Engineering                                d] Electronic


67. The process of starting or restarting a computer system by loading system files from a secondary storage device into the computer memory is called

      a] Paging                                        b] Booting

      c] Swapping                                   d] Loading


68.  Which is not system software?

      a] Microsoft Word                         b] Microsoft Windows

      c] Device driver                             d] Hard disk recovers utility


69. If your computer reports that a file has a size of one kilobyte, then how much space is using?

      a] 8 bytes                                       b] 1024 bytes

      c] 1048576 bytes                           d] All of the above


70. Which of these is a pointing device?

      a] Laser printer                              b] Touch pad

      c] Keyboard                                   d] Decimal point


71. Which is the magnetic storage device?

      a] CD                                             b] DVD

      c] Pen drive                                   d] None of the above


72. Which is not a input device?

      a] Touch screen                             b] Mouse

      c] Screen                                        d] MIDI


73. Which of the following is not a microcomputer?

      a] Desktop                                     b] Laptop

      c] Mainframe                                 d] Hand held PC


74. A personal computer is a ……….

      a] Micro computer                         b] Terminal

      c] Personal digital assistant            d] Mainframe

75. Which component are you unlikely to find as part of a Motherboard?

      a] ROM                                          b] CPU

      c] CMOS Memory                         d] CD-ROM


76. A computer must be capable of doing all of these things except….

      a] Electrolyze data                         b] Output data

      c] Process data                               d] Store data


77. You could measure a microprocessor's clock speed of recent computer in …..

      a] Computer procedure unit           b] Hertz

      c] Bits per second                          d] Gigahertz


78. High data accuracy produced by ……. computer

      a] Analog                                       b] Digital

      c] Hybrid                                       d] None of the above


79. Which one of the following is the oldest storage device?

      a] Paper tape                                  b] Magnetic tape

      c] Magnetic disk                            d] Magnetic core


80. The communication port is used for ……..

      a] Mouse connection                     b] Printer connection

      c] Modem connection                    d] Monitor connection


81. Modem is connected with……

      a] Parallel port                               b] Serial port

      c] USB                                           d] Com port


82. Which of the following is the low level language?

      a] Assembly                                   b] Machine

      c] Both a and b                              d] Natural language


83. Which one is removable disk?

      a] Zip disk                                     b] Pen drive

      c] Floppy disk                                d] All of the above


84. The capacity of compact disk is …….

      a] 100KB                                       b] 250MB

      c] 700 MB                                     d] 2000MB


85. Which is not hardware?              

      a] Keyboard                                   b] Mouse

      c] Printer                                        d] CD


86. The content of which ROM can be erased by supplying electric charge?

      a] PROM                                        b] EPROM

      c] EEPROM                                   d] EAPROM


87. The ABACUS was originated from ……

      a] China                                         b] Korea

      c] Japan                                         d] USA


88. SMPS stands for ………

      a] Switching mode power supply   b] Switch mode power supply

      c] System mode power station       d] None of the above


89. Antivirus program falls on ………… category

      a] System software                        b] Application software

      c] Utility software                          d] All of the above


90. Which is not a basic type of computer?

      a] Super computer                         b] Digital computer

      c] Analog                                       d] Hybrid


91. Linkage between the CPU and users is called …….

      a] Software                                    b] Hardware

      c] Peripheral                                  d] Storage


92. The DVD is a/an …….. Disk.

      a] Magnetic                                    b] Semiconductor

      c] Magneto optical                         d] Optical


93. Which is not direct entry input device?

      a] Keyboard                                   b] Scanner

      c] Barcode reader                          d] OMR


94. The mnemonic code was used in ………..

      a] 1GL                                           b] 2GL

      c] 3GL                                           d] 4GL


95. Which will product high graphic quality print out?

      a] Laser                                          b] Plotter

      c] Dot matrix                                 d] Inkjet


96. How many types of different devices that supported by USB port?

      a] 40                                              b] 65

      c] 100                                            d] 127


97. Which one is the component of computer system?

      a] Hardware                                   b] Software

      c] Human ware                              d] All of the above


98. What is the name for parallel communication pathway that connects different hardware components physically into computer system?

      a] Cable                                         b] Line

      c] Bus                                            d] Peripheral


99. Which electronic component was concerned for emerging the third generation computer?

      a] Vacuum tubes                            b] IC

      c] Transistors                                 d] VLSI


100. Which of the following two computers have the same architecture?

      a] IBM and Macintosh                   b] IBM Compatible and apple

      c] IBM and Apple/Macintosh         d] IBM and IBM Compatible


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