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Class : 8 [Science] Test Exam [FM:50]

Shree Bhimodaya Model Secondary School
Kalika-5, Chitwan
Saturday Test 2080/10/13

Class: 8                 Subject: Science              Time: 2 hours                  Full Marks: 50 ======================================================================
Group - 'A' 
Multiple Choice Questions
1. Choose the correct answer to the following questions. (10×1=10)

A. Which of the following practical work cannot be carried out in the science laboratory
a) Preparation of oxygen gas
b) Test of acid, base and salt
c) Study about solid waste management in Kathmandu
d) To verify working principle of lever 

B. What is the latest technology that can understand intelligence and human ability through the use of machine?
a) Robotics
 b) Artificial intelligence
c) Virtual reality
d) Google plus 

C. Which of the following function is done by both plant and animal cells?
a) Photosynthesis 
 b) Cellular respiration 
c) Transportation 
 d) Guttation 

D. Report of which commission has defined the sustainable development clearly? 
a) Kyoto report 
b) Agenda-30 
c) UNO 
d) Brundtland 

E. Which of the following animal adopt internal fertilization?
a) Lizard
b) Frog 
c) Sea horse 
 d) Salamandar 

F. In which condition, the average velocity of an object is calculated 
a) Non-uniform motion 
 b) Uniform motion 
c) Zero acceleration 
 d) Object at rest 

G. What is the work done by effort applied called? 
a) Input work 
b) Output work 
c) Friction 
d) Gravitational work 

H. Which of the following given instruments is used to measure the pressure exerted by compressed air? 
a) Pressure gauge 
b) Rain gauge 
c) Manometer 
d) Barometer 

I. What is the name of the process of transmission of heat in liquid and gas? 
a) Conduction 
b) Convection 
c) Radiation 
d) Evaporation 

J. Which method does cotton adopt to disperse their seeds? 
a) Through water 
b) By bursting pod 
c) By birds 
d) Through air 

Group - 'B' 
2. Give very short answer of the following questions: (8×1=8) 
a) What is the importance of observation in scientific work? 
b) Which is the device used to convert hard copy to soft copy? 
c) Write the function of pseudopodia. 
d) Name the method of reproduction in yeast. 
e) What are the other advantages of lever beside making work easier? 
f) What is transmission of heat? 
g) What is acceleration? 
h) Write any one application of atmospheric pressure. 

Group - 'C' 
Give Short answer of the following questions (8×2=16) 
3. Write any two reasons for writing report after research work. 
4. Draw well labelled diagram of amoeba. 
5. Write any two health problems due to over use of social media on human health. 
6. Define biodiversity with its types. 
7. Write difference between multiple fission and binary fission. 
8. Make a flow chart of the method of vegetative propagation. 
9. What will be the final velocity of vehicle, if it start from the rest and accelerate at 4m/s2 after 5 seconds? 
10. We prefer light coloured clothing in summer. Why? 

Group - 'D' 
Give long answer to the following questions. (4×4=16) 
11. Prove that, liquid pressure increase with depth on the basis of following points. 
a) Material required 
b) Procedure and diagram 
c) Observation 
d) Conclusion 
12. Write any four common forms of cyber crime. Explain. 
13. Write down the name of method of reproduction in the following organisms. Yeast, Paramecium, Ginger, Onion, Mucor, Sugarcane, Spirogyra, Begonia 
14. What is green house effect? Mention two effects and application of it. 

 'The End'