Diploma in Computer Engineering

First Semester (I/I)
Engineering Mathematics I 2073 Falgun
Engineering Mathematics I 2074 Falgun/Chaitra
Engineering Chemistry 2073, Falgun
Engineering Chemistry 2074 Falgun/Chaitra
Engineering Physics 2073 Falgun
Engineering Physics 2074 Falgun-Chaitra

Second Semester (I/II)
Physics II 2074 Shrawan Bhadra
Physics II 2075 Shrawan Bhadra
Logic Circuits 2073 Bhadra-Ashwin
Engineering Mathematics II 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
Engineering Mathematics II 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra
Electrical Engineering 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
Electrical Engineering 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra
Object Oriented Programming in C++ 2073 Bhadra-Ashwin
Object Oriented Programming in C++ 2074 Falgun-Chaitra

Third Semester (II/I)
Microprocessor 2073 Falgun
Microprocessor 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Data Structure and Algorithm 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Electronic Device & Circuit 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Web Technology & Programming II 2073 Falgun
Web Technology & Programming II 2074 Falgun-Chaitra

Fourth Semester (II/II)
Data Communication 2070 Ashwin
Data Communication 2071 Bhadra Ashwin
Data Communication 2072 Bhadra Ashwin
Software Engineering 2070 Bhadra Ashwin
Software Engineering 2071 Bhadra Ashwin
Software Engineering 2072 Bhadra Ashwin
Software Engineering 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
Social Study 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
DBMS 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
DBMS 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra
Statistics and Probability 2070 Bhadra Ashwin
Statistics and Probability 2071 Bhadra Ashwin
Statistics and Probability 2072 Bhadra Ashwin
Statistics and Probability 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
Software Engineering 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra
Computer Architecture 2074 Shrawan-Bhadra
Computer Architecture 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra

Fifth Semester (III/I)
Applied Operating System 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Management Information System 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Technical English 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Computer Simulation & Modeling 2074 Falgun-Chaitra
Computer Network 2074 Falgun-Chaitra

Sixth Semester (III/II)
E-Commerce 2073 Bhadra/Ashwin
OOAD 2073-Bhadra/Ashwin
Internet and Intranet  2073 Bhadra/Ashwin
Internet and Intranet  2075 Shrawan/Bhadra
Multimedia Technology 2073 Bhadra-Ashwin
Multimedia Technology 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra
Artificial Intelligence 2075 Shrawan-Bhadra 

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