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·         The word computer comes from "compute", which means to calculate.
·         A computer is basically a programmable machine capable to perform arithmetic and logical operations automatically and sequentially. It is also known as a data processor, as it can store, process, and retrieve data as per the wish of the user.
·         The word calculates means to find out the result of some operation on a number of values.
·         In computation, however, the meaning is not limited to the result of some operation on numeric values.
·         A computer can be defined as a multipurpose, programmable, electronic device that is capable of accepting input; processing it and producing a refined data as output.

Data processing involves the following three activities-
·         Input of data
·         Manipulation / processing of data
·         Giving output (i.e. management of output result)
·         In computer system, data is arranged orderly and systematically.

Computer is an electronic machine that accepts data using input device then store and processes them to generate desired output.

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