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02. Classification of Molecule

Depending on the types of atoms present in a molecule of a substance, molecules are classified as Homoatomic molecule and Heteroatomic molecule.

Homoatomic Molecule:
This type of molecule contains only one type of atom.
Eg. H2, O2, P4 etc.

Depending on the number of atoms present in a molecule, homoatomic molecules are further classified as monoatomic, diatomic, Polyatomic (Triatomic, Tetraatomic and so on).

Monoatomic He, Zn etc.
Diatomic O2, Cl2, N2 etc.
Triatomic O3
Tetraatomic P4
Octaatomic S8

Heteroatomic Molecule:
This type of  molecule contains different types of atoms molecules of compounds are heteroatomic molecules ex:-
CO2,PH3 (Phosphine Gas),CO3 etc.