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02. Problem Solving Method

2.1   Problem Analysis
In Market there are different types of software packages but sometimes these packages but sometimes these packages can not fulfill all clients' requirements. So to fulfill the client's requirement new software must be developed. Generally the client comes to the developers with problem to be solved and find a computer based solution. It is important to give a clear idea about problem statement. The following tasks specified the problem analysis.

a. Objectives
The problem should be stated clearly so that there will not be chance of having right solution to the wrong problem. Simple program can be stated easily but complex program may need of complex analysis.

b. Output Requirements
Before we know what should do into the system, we must know, what should come out from the system being developed. It is the better way of designing output sitting with the end users.

c. Input Requirements
To get the above design output. It is required to define the input data and source of input data. For example in a student information system, input data may student record and source may be college administration.

d. Processing Requirement
It is required o clearly define processing requirement to convert the given input data to the required output. In processing requirement there may be hardware platform, software platform, manpower etc.

e. Evaluating Feasibility
It is one of the important phases where we decide whether the purposed software development task is technically and economically feasible.

2.2  Algorithm and Flowchart:
a. Algorithm
An algorithm is defined as a set of ordered steps or procedures necessary to solve a problem. To be an algorithm the set of steps must be unambiguous and have a clear stopping point. Each step tells what tasks are to be performed. It can be expressed in any language like English.
            Step 1: Start
            Step 2: Declare variables a, b, c
            Step 3: Input values of a, and b
            Step 4: Calculate c = a + b
            Step 5: Print C
            Step 6: Stop

b.   Flowchart
A flowchart is a diagrammatic representation of algorithm. It illustrates the sequence of operations to be performed to get the solution of a problem. They play a vital role in the programming of a problem. Once the flowchart is drawn, it becomes easy to write the program in any computer language.

The following are symbols to be used while drawing flowchart.

(....To be contd...)