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2.2 RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM (Random Access Memory):
RAM is an essential memory used in computer system which helps during booting of computer system. So it is known as primary or main memory.
The data or information stored in RAM is temporary time period, when computer is powered ON, data or information start to load in RAM but data or information are lost once computer is switched OFF. All data or information reaches to RAM in the form of current. So it is also known as volatile memory. Data or information in RAM can be read or write. The stored data is accessed in random manner from RAM, hence it is called Random Access Memory. 
It is of 2 types:-
a] Static RAM
b] Dynamic RAM

a] Static RAM:
Static RAM is a type of RAM which is used in PI-PIII computer. It has two notches with 1-168 numbers of pins or conduction. It is placed in DIMM slot (Dual Inline Memory Module) of motherboard.

b] Dynamic RAM:
Dynamic RAM is also a type of RAM which is used in P4 computers. It has single notches with 1-184, 220, or 320 numbers of pins. It is also placed in DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) slots of motherboard.
DDR 1 (1-184 pins)
DDR 2 (1-220 pins)          DDR = Double Data Rate
DDR 3 (1-320 pins)

Video RAM (VRAM)
Video RAM is also type of RAM which is used in computer for graphics or multimedia works. Generally physical RAM has limited capacity for storing multimedia data. In some case for high end multimedia works can not be supported by general RAM. So Video RAM is used for high performance to support video quality. In desktop and laptop motherboard, there is small size Video RAM around 128-512MB, but if high end multimedia data is to be used then extra RAM, that is Graphics Card is used which has VRAM of 1GB-4GB.