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1.3 Application area of Computer

a] Education:-
Computer can be used in education to help students in their study and teachers to organize and prepare their teaching materials. They can also collect required information form the internet in absence of physical notes and books. Teachers and students can use internet for e-books, notes and tutorials. Computers can be used for other purposes in school and colleges. 

b] Health and Medical Field:-
Computers can be used in health and medical field to help doctors, nurses and technicians to diagnosis diseases, preparing report, providing appropriate medicine, hospitals are equipped with computerized equipment such as CT scan, Ultra-sound, eye checking machine etc.

c] Banks:-
Today almost every bank has computerized system which have helped staff to carry their work faster server computers are used to store customer information, their account information amount transactions due to computer and computer network. Customers can withdraw amount (money) through ATM machine. Similarly money can be deposited without standing in a queue with help of machines.

d] Industries:-
Computers are used in industries for various purposes. Such as keeping employees record, income and expenditure record, salary records, quality control of production, counting and controlling products operation etc. The computerized system helps to automatic production which helps in increasing production.

e] Science and Technology:-
Computers are use in the field of science and technology for research scientific tasks and information such as in exploring space, weather forecasting, earthquake data analysis etc. 

f] Entertainment:-
Computers can be used for listening, recording audio, similarly they can be used for viewing and recording videos, playing games. They can be also used for interactive applications for online chat support, games etc.