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1.2 Characteristics (Features) of Computer

a] Speed:-
Computer can perform the given tasks in a fraction of second ie. nanosecond to picosecond. The processing speed of a computer is measured in Hertz (Hz). The unit of measurement are KHz, MHz, GHz and THz. Computers speed is based on processor time period. Speed is the basic character of a computer which shows how fast it can process the given data.

b] Accuracy:-
Accuracy is the term used to describe how much near output is as to the desired output. Computer perform their task with 100% accuracy, but sometimes the produced output may be wrong due to fault input. 

c] Diligence:-
Diligence describes performing same task with same speed and accuracy for a long time without tiredness. Computers can run 24 hours throughout the year with same speed.

d] Versatile:-
Computers can perform various types of jobs efficiently. It can process text, audio, video, images etc. Computer can be used for various purposes in various sectors such as banks, cyber, office, school etc.

e] Automatic:-
Computer is an electronic programmable machine which can perform or complete their task once they are started. It can execute different types of tasks without interference of human being.

f] Word Length:
Word length or word size refers to the numbers of bits that the CPU can process in parallel at one time. Current computers use word length of 32 and 64 bits.