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2.8 Casing

Figure: Casing Structure
Casing is a rectangular metallic box which provides framework for various components inside it. Various components such as motherboard, hard disk, CD-ROM, SMPS etc. are inter-connected to each other and fixed to the casing. The front side (Panel) of casing has 2 switches, power and reset keys. Similarly 2 LED, one for power and other for Hard Disk. There are other ports such as USB and audio ports in most casing of today. At the backside there is a box called SMPS, which is used to supply power. Similarly there are temporary block panels for different input/output devices port. Inside the casing at the frontside, there is a place where CD-ROM, Hard Disk, floppy disks can be placed. This place is known as drive bay. Drive bay is of 2 types, internal and external. The internal drive bay is used to screw up 2-3 hard disks. Whereas external is used to place CD-ROM and floppy disk.