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2.9 Motherboard

Figure: Structure of Motherboard.
Motherboard is a largest circuit board of computer which provides platform to interconnect input-output devices as well as other devices such as hard disk, CD-ROM, Processor etc. 
A motherboard has two major chips; north bridge and south bridge chipset. Beside these two chipset, there is another important chip known as CMOS (BIOS) chips. There is a processor socket and RAM slot with other PCI slots. The north-bridge is placed near processor socket which inter-connects RAM and processor. The south-bridge inter connects between processor and input/output devices. Depending upon types of motherboard, there are 12 pins, 20, 20+4 and 24+4 pins power connector.
Mother is classified into two types AT & ATX, AT motherboard has 12 pin connector where ATX has 20, 20+4 or 24+4 pin connector